Note - programme subject to change

DAY 1 Wednesday 22nd May 2024                                                                                            E:

8.30am Registration  Cregan Library Ground Floor, DCU St Patrick's Campus 

8.50am Session 1 Heaney Lecture Theatre Welcome to NIME 9           Regina Murphy, DCU Institute of Education, Dublin City University


                        Torill Vist, Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway  

Kari Holdhus, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Norway

Methodological Musings and Narrative Music Inquiry

Jeananne Nichols, Western Carolina University, USA

From Fixing to Healing: Weaving Narratives of Whiteness, Leadership, and Family in the Hope of Racial Reconciliation for Music          Education


10.00am Session 2  Mountjoy Prison [closed session] Áine Mangaoang, University of Oslo, leads the Prisons of Note Symposium: Pros and Cons

4.30pm Session 3 Heaney Lecture Theatre

     Keynote 1: Associate Professor Áine Mangaoang, University of Oslo

      Sounding Citizenship: Mapping Music and Counter-narratives on the Margins

      Chair: Regina Murphy

5.30pm       Reception: Music by Leah O’Sullivan – Traditional Irish Harp

DAY 2 Thursday 23rd May 2024    

8.30am Registration  Cregan Library Ground Floor, DCU St Patrick's Campus 

9.00am Session 4 Heaney Lecture Theatre  

Terry Sefton, University of Windsor, Canada, and Danielle Sirek, Western University, Canada

Hard stories: Going "off the record" with Music Teacher Educators

Jason Goopy, Edith Cowan University, Australia

Narratives of Adolescents Using Music to Support Their Wellbeing

10.05am Session 5 Heaney Lecture Theatre

Rebecca de Wan, University of Maine, USA

Exploring the Multiplicity of Experiences within Difficult Conversations in the Secondary Choral Classroom

Seyram Afealete, Western University, Canada

Culturally Artful: Nurturing Sustainable Cultural Connections through Deep Plan in Music Education


11.10am     Music interlude: Ailse Nolan leads St Columba’s Primary School Children's Choral Group

Session 6  Heaney Lecture Theatre

11.30am     Keynote 2: Professor Oscar Odena, University of Glasgow, Scotland

      Conceptualising Music Activities for Social Cohesion

  Chair: Francis Ward, DCU

12.30pm     Sandwich Lunch

Session 7


1.30pm Heaney Lecture Theatre


Amanda Niland, University of Sydney, Australia, 

Music Together and Apart: Narrative Reflections on Musical Interactions via Zoom

Anneke McCabe, Brock University, Canada (online): 

The Sound of Story: A Conceptual Framework Allows us to Hear

Maria Argyriou, University of the Aegean, Greece: Narrative "Experiences" with and without Distance.

Rachel Grimsby, James Madison University, USA:

How We Music: Musical Preferences of Non-Speaking Children in Self-Contained Music Settings

2.30pm       Professor June Boyce Tillman (online): Paradoxes at the Internal Table - Conversing with Internal Multiple Narratives

Session 8

3.30pm       Blended session: Book Launch NIME 7

Traumas Resisted and (Re)Engaged: Inquiring into Lost and Found Narratives in Music Education - Shelley Griffin and Nasim Niknafs (Eds.) Springer 2023. Part of the book series: Landscapes: The Arts, Aesthetics, and Education (LAAE, volume 26) 

Speakers: Shelley Griffin (online), Brock University, Canada,

Nasim Niknafs University of Toronto, Canada (online)

Carl Holmgren Umeå University, Sweden (online)

Ina Hemming PH Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany (online)

Rebecca de Wan  University of Maine, USA (in person)

Mary Shine Thompson Poetry Ireland (in person)

Chair: Regina Murphy DCU Institute of Education

4.30pm   break


4.45pm  Edwina Guckian Guest Traditional Artist: dancer, choreographer, people gatherer

Gather round for traditional narratives, storytelling, music.


6.30pm   Delegates free to arrange own dining arrangements

Day 3 Friday 24th May 2024 

8.30am  Registration

Session 9   Heaney Lecture Theatre

9.00am  Ana Luisa Veloso, University of Aveiro, Portugal: Disrupting Narrative: The Surprising Story of Sononauts, a Group of Children and Adults   Creating Experimental Music Together.

Erich Weiger, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,

Cancer in the Key of F

Poetry Workshop:

Anne Tannam, Poetry Ireland Poet in Residence

The workshop will explore the power of description and detail in poetry to articulate the complexity and richness of our emotional lives

10.30am Tea/Coffee

11.00am Session 10

Runa Hestad Jenssen, Nord University, Norway and Rose Martin, Norwegian University of Science and Technology: Women, Life Freedom: Stories of Mothering, Motherhood, and non-Motherhood

Stephanie Cronenberg, Rutgers, New Brunswick, USA: Reframing Mondays: A Metaphor for Reflection in Confronting Burnout

Jody Stark, University of Manitoba, Canada: Decolonizing Myself: Stories of Dissonances and Growth in the Decolonizing Journey of a Music Teacher Educator


Narrative Gallery:  

Tiri Bergesen Schei, Kari Holdhus and Amira Erlich

Western Norway University of Applied Sciences

Methodological Musings and Narrative Music Inquiry

12.30pm    Sandwich Lunch

13.30pm   Session 11   

Keynote 3 Professor Margaret Barrett, Monash University, Australia   “Dear Mrs Opie…”: Epistolary Narratives of Relational Inquiry


Session 12 

Margaret O'Sullivan, Music Generation National Development Office and University of British Columbia, and Peter Gouzouasis, UBC, Canada: 3000 Violins: Storying Music Making and Learning in 21st Century Ways

Shelley Griffin, Brock University, Canada (online): The Entangling Dissonance of Grief: Unravelling Narratives in Music Teacher Education

Jennifer O'Sullivan, Dublin City University and Oide Post Primary Music: Nerving Narrative: An Inquiry into Teaching with Creativity

Regina Murphy, Dublin City University: On Teaching For and With Dissonance in Music Education

5.30pm Final event:  Conference Dinner

*  ENDS  *